Group Study


  • Call Central, Cato, or Levine to make a reservation.
  • At Central, rooms are checked out from the Circulation Desk.
  • Check availability for the Central Campus study rooms on the calendars below.

Groups Study Room Policy

  • Rooms may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Each study group may only reserve 2 hours of time per day.
  • The valid CPCC IDs of two students are required and two people must be present before staff can provide access to the room.
  • After a 15 minute grace period for arriving groups, reservations will be cancelled.
  • Rooms are for groups of 2 - 8 people.(Exception: A student with special needs is permitted to use a study room when one is available. The student should present a copy of the form received from Disability Services)
  • Group study rooms are for academic use only.
  • Before leaving, students must: erase white boards, throw away trash, push in chairs, close the door.