Eyes on You Award - Spring 2016

Eyes on You Nominees for Spring 2016

Andy Williams was nominated by Margaret Thornton, who said, “As the new Program Chair for Electrical Systems, Andy is dedicated to student success. He gives extra attention to program improvement and is willing to work with other departments on Harper Campus to integrate classes to properly prepare students for careers that need electrical technicians. Andy is working with the electrical engineering department at Central Campus to bridge similarities in the two programs. He believes that this will give engineering students a more well-rounded base.”

Barbara Brown was nominated by Sylvia Forbes, who said, “Dr. Brown is a retired UNC Professor who shows a lot of interest in her major.  Students are always concerned with how to integrate Dr. Brown’s class into the other art classes.  Dr. Brown cares about her students and goes the extra mile to show and explain what the student needs to know. I have completed piano lessons for years and never had the results I have now. I learned how to work the piano because Dr. Brown has taken the time to show me how to read music and move my fingers properly to hit the cords. I found her teaching superior and I am so glad to be her student. The course is truly a gift to a person like me who is seeking to enjoy the piano.”

Cassandra Richardson was nominated by Alice Jenkins, who said, “Cassandra is very passionate about her job and has gone to great lengths to get internationally known artists to the Ross and Pease Galleries. She makes sure instructors bring their classes to see the exhibits and that students are able to hear from the artists. Cassandra also supports aspiring student artists by hosting the Student Juried Show every year which gives  students the chance to have their work displayed in a gallery. She helped establish the Young Art League, an organization for students and community members where they socialize and participate in the art programs and events at CPCC. Along with her passion for bringing the arts to all CPCC students, Cassandra is a very talented saleswoman who has been able to sell thousands of dollars of art in the one short year she has been here. With the funds that she has raised, the school has been able to purchase incredible pieces of art for all CPCC students and employees to enjoy for many years to come. In an effort to improve her abilities as Art Director, Cassandra is also preparing to get her master's in Art Management at SCAD.”

Catherine Cunningham was nominated by Kertrina Cooke, who said, “Catherine Cunningham is a true leader who understands commitment to the college vision and mission.  She demonstrates and inspires colleagues to be self motivated and enhance their learning skills through collaborative learning activities. Catherine looks at each program every semester and upgrades or changes the learning format as needed. She encourages learning tools that help to enhance the faculty knowledge of what they are teaching.  She also encourages professional development programs for all those reporting to her. Catherine has motivated the students to enroll in service learning projects and each project that they do has been a big success.”

Elizabeth Bazin was nominated by Vinnie Recher, who said, “Elizabeth is one of the most approachable and genuine individuals with whom I have worked. Her knowledge and patience in dealing with international students goes a long way. The reason I have selected her is because of the nature of her department. There is a lot more involved today for a nonimmigrant wishing to study in the United States. In the world we live in today, she makes the process of obtaining an F1 visa and getting classes scheduled as easy as possible. She collaborates with different departments if there are any concerns about students and is always available if needed. She has created a welcoming environment for the international students. Elizabeth is an outstanding asset to the students who attend our school and to the school itself.”

Emily Leachman was nominated by Olga Sandler, who said, “Emily Leachman joined our library team a little more than a year ago, bringing her dedication and expertise in the field of library services.  For this short period of time, with enthusiasm and passion, she organized and transformed the workflow to enhance library services and create a welcoming library atmosphere. Emily dedicated herself to the Library Services training programs. She successfully trains new full time and part time employees while creating and recommending new training programs. She is always ready to share what she knows and is a huge asset to the Library Services Department.“

Geneva Coleman was nominated by Lelia Herron, who said, “Geneva has been the backbone of the Information Center for the past 8 years. As the administrative assistant to our office she deals with students on the phone and through emails in the most courteous and helpful manner possible. Geneva goes above and beyond on a daily basis and she keeps an open mind when it comes to better ways of doing things. She suggests more effective communication methods within our office while interacting with students and providing elaborate information about the school, programs and enrollment services. Geneva is always ready and willing to assist with any task. She puts forth great effort in making sure we all keep a level head and that her demeanor exudes the highest level of professionalism. She encourages everyone she encounters to do more than what is being asked and to stay positive.”

Howard Byrd was nominated by Janael Yowell, who said, “Howard Byrd is a valuable member of the Student Support Services department and the CPCC community at large. Currently serving as the lead advisor at the Cato Campus, Mr. Byrd is not only a leader and team player amongst his colleagues, but also the ultimate student advocate for any student in need. He is always available and willing to serve in any capacity that supports the best interest of a student or the department. Mr. Byrd was nominated for this award in the Fall of 2013 and three years later he continues to set the standard of excellent service.  Mr. Byrd embodies a youthful passion for his work while possessing many years of experience and expertise to match.”

Kelly Starnes was nominated by Lisa Colacino, who said, “Kelly is a great example of a professional who is dedicated and committed to providing excellent service within the Financial Services area and throughout the college.  As Supervisor of the Accounts Payable department, she is very knowledgeable in the policies and procedures of the college. She always takes the time to assist others and go the extra mile in solving unique situations.  She exhibits patience and a calming nature, and puts everyone at ease when things get hectic.  She is a valuable individual to our area and the college.”

Lauren Jacksina was nominated by Lindy Dobbins, who said, “I have had occasion to work with Lauren Jacksina in several capacities at the College over the last few years, and I believe that she strives to exemplify the principles of the Learning College in her work and in her personal pursuits as a lifelong learner. She takes a curriculum course each semester, many of which fall into the Information Technology program where she works as the Instructional Office Assistant to the Division. In addition to this expanding her skill set within the IT realm, it also gives her a broader perspective into the challenges and needs of the students she serves in her role at work. She does not hesitate to offer assistance to fellow learners or to share her findings from individual research with other interested parties.”

Lisa Robles was nominated by Francis Ahn, who said, “Lisa Robles is more than deserving of this award.  Since I met her at the front desk of Levine, she has always been someone I can count on and go to whenever I am in need. She is always willing to take on jobs that others may shy away from.  With students, she is kind but with a no nonsense manner.  She challenges students to be able to help themselves. With her co-workers, she is always available to lend a hand.  Even when she is overwhelmed with her workload, you would not know it because she smiles through the difficult times. Lisa has been our support behind the scenes.  She is always suggesting better ways to do things and finding ways to support us.”

Mike Grier was nominated by one of your colleagues, who said, “Mike is the Program Chair for Marketing. He always has time for students, even if they happened upon him by mistake. Mike's office faces the elevator and his door is always open. I cannot count the times when a student who is lost needs some information or advice and Mike always takes the time to find out what their goal is and give the best advice possible. When his own students or advisees seek his help, he is always patient and endeavors to address students' academic and personal concerns. Mike also devotes a great deal of his time as faculty adviser for the ENACTUS student group. This is a student group that is focused on using entrepreneurial action to better the community. He drove his ENACTUS students so that they could participate in a regional conference. He is currently working with them on a project to expose underserved youth in Charlotte to the fine arts.”

Rebecca Ramirez was nominated by Keith Ratliff, who said, “Rebecca is the ultimate team player, always contributing to the CPCC Brighter Futures Grant Team in a helpful and polite manner.  Her work with students is exemplary and she is always assisting students while respecting their individual rights.  Rebecca is not only knowledgeable about her work, but implements her work in a courteous and professional way.  I have observed her working with students and guiding them in making life changing decisions right in her office.  She is well respected by her colleagues and many seek out her advice.  Rebecca is not only really good at what she does, but her attitude in the office creates an atmosphere that is fun to work in.”

Steven Skelton was nominated by George Abraham, who said, “Steven initially caught my eye as a cheerful soldier on a team that is rarely seen or heard around the College. In time, however, I learned that he is not only a soldier, but also a tactician that has helped make the College a lot more efficient. Steven has a very high standard of work. Not only does he always accept new responsibilities with a positive attitude and consistently exceed expectations, Steven also goes out of his way to make the result the very best that it can be.  One way he does this is by collecting information from all kinds of sources and using it to increase the quality of his work in innovative ways. He constantly shares his expertise with his coworkers and interns. Even in project meetings, Steven strives to explain the basis for his recommendations so that everyone can make better informed decisions.”

Terri Ashcraft was nominated by Zack Lester, who said, “Terri is an unsung hero of CPCC’s Facilities Services department and exemplifies attributes of The Learning College. I have worked with Terri on a regular basis and found her to be very humble, extremely dedicated, and a wealth of knowledge. I consider Terri to be CPCC’s unofficial “Facilities Librarian” as she is the main reference point for information regarding past changes to CPCC’s facilities and developments yet to come. Directly or indirectly, Terri has played a critical role in the evolution of CPCC as her position requires her involvement regularly on all projects inside, outside, large, and small. As a reference point for renovation and construction records, data, and documents, Terri’s skills as a collaborator are first-rate. Terri is always available, providing information and advising all project stakeholders, from architects to maintenance employees.”

Thomas West was nominated by Ginny Hastings, who said, “Thomas is a behind the scenes employee in the IT department. When I was nominated to be on the Eyes on You committee, Thomas West was the first colleague who came to mind. When I asked some of my co-workers who they would recommend, they also mentioned Thomas. Thomas has worked magic with our IT needs at the CPCC Foundation. He has assisted me and our Foundation staff in setting up technology to help us be more productive. If you have ever met Thomas, he always has a smile on his face and is cheerful all the time.  You can tell he truly loves what he does. There have been times when we have been frustrated at some technology related problems and the first thing we think is, “Where is Thomas?”

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