Eyes on You Award

L-R: Danielle Jones, Ray Green, William Love (not pictured: Mark Coltrain)

Chris Brawley was nominated by Mark Helms who said, “Chris is a warm, friendly, personable instructor who challenges his students to learn and grow in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.  Always willing to support initiatives that enrich the learning experience of students and employees, Chris is compassionate, attentive, encouraging, and nurturing.  He is a great listener, and his success in the classroom and with his colleagues is built on strong relationships. Chris was one of the original service-learning pioneers 11 years ago, and has continued to implement a service component in his courses. He has presented many service-learning workshops on campus and at state conferences, supporting the efforts of other faculty members as they develop service-learning courses.  Chris has a long track record of engaging his students in a proactive way, meeting them where they are, engaging and challenging them, showing empathy and concern for them, but also holding them to high academic standards.”

Danielle Jones was nominated by Kathy Watkins who said, “Danielle Jones demonstrates behaviors that define what it means to be an exceptional teacher and learner.  She has a calm and confident demeanor that earns her the respect and trust of both students and colleagues.  She exudes a kindness that makes her easy to approach and she is always willing to help. Danielle was instrumental in assisting with the implementation of new biosafety regulations for microbiology labs from the American Society of Microbiology.  These new procedures reduce the risk of bacterial contamination thus providing a safer learning environment for the students. Danielle has also been participating in the IPad pilot program using the IPad to improve student engagement and learning in microbiology.”

Mark Coltrain was nominated by Patricia Bostian who said, “Mark is a great researcher, loves to help students,  and focuses on the needs of the learners, even with projects that may not fall under his job description. As a consummate researcher, Mark has learned how to help the students in my class with an assignment. By doing so, he helped me offer students a more complex learning experience that served them in many ways beyond my classroom or even CPCC.”

Ray Green was nominated by Steppen Murphy who said, “Ray, our chemistry lab facilitator, is caring, helpful and generous. If anyone needs help at the college, they know they can count on him to do all that he can. Ray is always going above and beyond for the student. He works with chemistry students outside the classroom, even students who are not in his classes, to help them understand the scientific concepts and solve problems. He really strives to make sure students have all the resources they need to be successful. In addition, he helps organize social excursions, working to get everybody in the science department together. He is the "glue" that helps bind us together.”

William Love was nominated by Sandee Patton who said, “William is committed to serving veterans in his role at the college and understands the unique situations that veterans face regarding their educational benefits.  He works diligently to process military paperwork, sponsorships, bills, and payments promptly.  These may seem like small feats but to a veteran, timeliness and efficiency are important in the handling of their accounts. He stays updated on VA Regulations so he can feel confident when discussing the student's expected refund and he communicates with the VA Office when necessary for additional information. William wears many hats well. He is compassionate and continually looks for ways to improve his services to students and other departments at the college.”





Eyes on You Spring 2014 Nominees

Bruce Johnson was nominated by Rinav Mehta who said, “Bruce is a visionary professional.  When it comes to making decisions, he considers the potential impact on all affected individuals, as well as on the college as a whole.  Bruce holistically thinks about what is best for incoming students, current students, the faculty, administration, and the community. Bruce’s vision influenced the new math emporium, and he is currently looking at the emporium’s impact on student learning and seeking ways to improve its efficacy. Bruce also focuses on the personal growth of others.  As the associate dean of STEM, Bruce has influenced and mentored several faculty and staff.  Bruce’s leadership is effective not only because he is able to make decisions and implement change, but also because of his passion for the profession and his commitment to continuing to make CPCC the great college that it is.”

Cindy Robinson was nominated by Lynn Sharp who said, “Cindy is an Instructional Developer in Corporate and Continuing Education.  By her title, she is commissioned to support many aspects of the Learning College initiative, but it is her tireless dedication to excellence that makes her an Eyes on You nominee. Cindy trains new developers, assistants, and any other new relevant personnel in the processes, forms, and systems pertaining to running CCE courses. Once she meets with her learners and patiently walks them through these procedures, she remains a bridge builder by leaving an open door through which all are always welcome to keep reviewing and learning as they work to become acclimated to our processes.  People are always encouraged and supported by Cindy’s efforts, never diminished.  Cindy has made many contributions to the learning initiative over her tenure. Most importantly, one always learns something from Cindy, whether in the formal setting or just being alongside her as a friend and co-worker in day to day life events!”

Connie Kilgo was nominated by Fedora Cooman who said, “Although Connie has been working at CPCC for only four years, she has developed a solid knowledge base of accounting processes and procedures. Connie willingly shares her knowledge and experience to benefit others. She has been a great mentor, especially in budgets. This ensured a smooth transition when accounts were transferred. She proactively checks on us to make sure that we are doing well and is willing to help and share her knowledge. She takes time from her busy schedule to patiently answer questions. Connie has a quiet, patient demeanor and is open to new ideas and is always willing to learn.”

Davandra Reed was nominated by Quillie Hunt who said, “Davandra Reed is always very helpful, kind, and respectful.  She greets everyone with a smile when they enter the Mathematics Department.  As a college, students should be our number one priority and Davandra is always there to offer guidance and assistance to them. When a student comes to the Math department, she is their first line of contact and she displays patience as they ask questions or present a concern. If there is something I do not know or recall about college policy, she is my "go to" person to find that information. As our Instructional Office Assistant, she is vital to our department and keeps us all notified of any information we should know.”

Demika Wallace was nominated by Dieu Derr who said, “Demika has a friendly demeanor for all who come in contact with her as well as being a consistently hard worker. She has the ability to keep the sponsored student cashiering office running smoothly regardless of the sometimes changing environment.  When things seem to be busy and hectic, Demika manages to keep her cool.  She is able to take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one. She assists current, future, and past students as well as dealing with parents’ questions about accounts, registration, and scholarships. Demika is a master problem solver. She knows who, where, and how to get information that is needed. She goes out of her way to make sure that the students, staff, and faculty are provided with the best customer service that CPCC can offer.”

Dwight Evans was nominated by Nancy Green who said, “During the time of the deployment of the new MFP’s, Dwight worked above and beyond to make sure the faculty, staff, and students t had printing capabilities. I have seen him resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. I can think of no one more deserving of this award than Dwight.”

Kathy White was nominated by Elena Randolph who said, “Kathy has an unparalleled work ethic and works tirelessly to assist customers.  Kathy accepts any project or task with a smile, regardless of her workload. She finds innovative ways to provide training and information to a wide range of customers, and has served in a variety of financial roles during her tenure with the college.  Kathy connects with her customers and finds a solution for every problem. She is a life-long learner and continually works on learning new software to better assist customers and help our department achieve its goals. Her patience has no limits and she looks inwardly if something isn't working smoothly to ascertain what she might do differently to find a workable solution or outcome.”

Kay Weigel was nominated by Cathey Ross who said, “Kay, in the Instructional Course Management area, exemplifies what it means to say that we all matter here at CPCC. Kay enters Course Origination Documents (CODs). She has an incredible eye for detail which is so necessary when working with the dates, hours, and minutes calculations of CODs. If these documents aren’t entered accurately and in a timely manner, students can’t register for their classes. If students can’t register, they can’t take the classes they need to be successful.Kay always has a smile on her face. She knows that the others in her area look to her as a role model as she has been in her position the longest. She willingly shares her knowledge and her love for CPCC with the others in her office, challenging them to have the positive view that she does!”

Kirubel Tesfa was nominated by a colleague who said, “Kirubel maintains a consistent level of happiness that almost makes you believe he's never been in a bad mood.  When interacting with others, his friendliness and enthusiasm are contagious. He is truly a pleasure to work with.  In dealing with student and employee issues alike, Kirubel's knowledge of CPCC services allows him to quickly identify problems and resolutions to most any issue he faces.  He is always willing to teach others how to do something and is also very eager to learn.”

Lane Grann-Stahl was nominated by Brenda Armentrout who said, “Lane Grann-Stahl is like one of our favorite all-time candies; she is a Life Saver! During her 29 years of service to the college, I have had the privilege of serving with Lane on so many committees, steering committees, task forces, and learning initiatives that it would be impossible to list Lane’s services to the college.  Lane is an innovator and an excellent critical thinker/problem-solver. She is very respectful and appreciative of the uniqueness and strengths each person brings to any situation.   Lane is supportive of change and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of teaching and learning through collaboration.  Her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise with others makes Lane a super star. When working with faculty, Lane is patient, generous with her time, competent, gracious, helpful, considerate, and generally wonderful.”

Lindy Dobbins was nominated by Laura Brown who said, “Lindy takes on learning new skills fearlessly. She is eager to acquire knowledge by researching and gaining skills in everything that would be of benefit to her current position. She is enthusiastic when encountering any new tool or general knowledge that would be of service to her team, and shares these discoveries by compiling and documenting her finds. She meets regularly with other departments at CPCC to assist them with projects. Lindy expertly guides these departments to make their web presence as user-friendly as possible, thereby improving students' experiences on the college website.  She is always eager to learn new ideas and acquire new skills, and does not look to ever slow down building upon her skills and abilities.”

Marilyn Smalls was nominated by Bobbie Frye who said, “Marilyn has a joyous spirit and smile for everyone that she works with and meets. To Marilyn there are no “small” things. She takes on projects with gusto and makes sure that no occasion goes unnoticed. From birthdays to holidays, Marilyn makes sure that all are given proper notice. And when administrators, faculty, staff, or students need assistance with data, Marilyn makes sure that they are placed in touch with the proper person to help them. She then follows up to be sure that they received the help that they needed. That is great customer service!”

Reggie Pincham was nominated by Bernetta Pegues-Steadman who said, “Reggie is seen as the "go to” guy on Levine Campus. When we lost our former leader, Mel Gay, Reggie stepped forward to lead our team by example.  Those were difficult days, but with Reggie’s leadership and support, we are now stronger than ever.  He always has an open door to listen to the staff and we are grateful for his gentle and steady presence. Simply put, Reggie genuinely cares and has a committment to his department, the Levine Campus family, students, and CPCC as a whole. All those who work with Reggie see him as a consistent, compassionate manager who leads with integrity and professionalism. His personal pursuit of excellence motivates us to be the best we can be as well. He is a strong student advocate and has served as a mentor and advisor with the Male Minority Mentoring program since its inception.”

Rosalynn Hoang was nominated by Linda Thompson who said, “Rosalynn is a pleasure to work with and very approachable. She takes time to explain requirements related to procurement so that in the future, you will know what to do. Her endless patience, diligence, and willingness to help navigate through the challenges we face are some of Rosalynn's strengths. She is always professional and remains calm during times when projects can become challenging. She is a problem solver and her can-do attitude is greatly appreciated by our department. Rosalynn allows time for reflection—she will consider complex situations, discuss with her supervisors if needed,  and will find out the best way to proceed. Rosalynn also cares about our students. Outside her role in Procurement, she often translates for students when needed on campus.”

Shantell Strickland-Davis was nominated by Terina Lathe who said, “Shantell gladly shares her insight, expertise, and talents. Working in professional development, she has a wide range of responsibilities, but Shantell actually seeks out additional responsibilities! She is continuously looking for opportunities to improve the manner by which faculty receive information and training. When she does see a “problem,” she identifies options for improvement, organizes the process by which it can best occur, and then ensures that completion of the project is professional, efficient, and appropriate.  You probably come across much of Shantell’s work on a daily basis as you look for information on our college website. Shantell is driven to do well, to be successful, and to serve the mission of our college. She represents the “invisible” side of student success; working to help faculty and staff, which then ensures the best for our students.”

Sofiya Ivanova was nominated by Michelle Esancy who said, “Sofiya is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever known.  She is very patient with her students; treats everyone with respect and kindness; and is always willing to help anyone in need. Sofiya looks for new ways of teaching and providing the best environment for learning.  I have never seen her turn away a student for help, and her office door is always open.  She holds group problem sessions in addition to regular office hours.  Students also love her sense of humor.  She is so dedicated to her students that a few weeks after she had major surgery she came back to teach a lab, just so she could touch base with her students and see how they were doing.  Duy Nguyen, one of Sofiya's former students, has been selected into Harvard University's prestigious Stem Cell Institute Internship Program.  It was Sofiya who suggested he apply to REU Programs across the country and helped him with the application process.”

Tony Bateman was nominated by a colleague who said, “From the moment Tony joined CPCC as a full-time instructor, he has embraced the Learning College initiative and the commitment to student success and personal excellence in teaching.  He has proven to be a highly engaged faculty member, eager to attend all meetings, workshops, events, and activities that might help him better achieve his teaching goals.   He has a wealth of knowledge and great passion for his area of expertise, but is not content to let that be enough when he is in the classroom.  He continuously works to find better ways to bring students to a deeper and more meaningful grasp and useage of their own learning. Tony also contributes to the learning and increased comfort level of his fellow faculty members with his insightful observations, questions, and always "right on" sense of humor.  Tony has enhanced the use of service learning  to provide more opportunities for his students to learn and apply their new knowledge.”

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