Tutorials & FAQs

This area contains tutorials, frequently asked questions (FAQs), best practices and documentation related to utilizing the Moodle system for managing online eLearning courses. To access the content and resources provided, click on the desired category below or click here for an alphabetized list that will direct you into the appropriate category of options.

house_256_80w.jpg Moodle General Information and Procedures 

What is Moodle?
Moodle Manuals
Moodle login
10% reporting process

Automatic enrollment of students
Request a master or shell
Semester checklist
 computer_256_80w.jpg Moodle Course and Content Management

Combining shells
Course availability
Content creation
Course backup/restore/archiving

Copy content to another course
Import SCORM packages
Fixes and workarounds

 dish Moodle Interaction and Communication
News forum
Discussion forums and threads
Discussion rubrics, netiquette
Fostering student engagement
 homework_128_80w.jpg Moodle Gradebook and Assessments
Create tests and pools
Import tests using GIFT, etc.
Link assignments to gradebook
Manage gradebook structure
Add items to gradebook
Weighting grades
Export/Download/Print gradebook
 cd_burn_128_80w.jpg Moodle Course Design and Structure
Course design choices
Add/remove/reorder menu items
Edit course title
Add banner graphic
 robot_128_80w.jpg Computer Skills and Work Methods
Browser skills and tricks
Use multiple windows
Access your U: drive (My Docs)
Use your www folder
Create a banner graphic
Resize a picture for the Web
PowerPoint basics
 telephone_256_80w.jpg Multimedia Enhancements
Create a media introduction
Webcasting basics
authorPOINT basics
Create audio/video files
Edit audio/video files
Create digital image files
Store media files in www folder
Link to media files in www folder


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