College Administration


Mailing address:

Central Piedmont Community College
P.O. Box 35009
Charlotte, NC 28235-5009
ATTN: <name of individual>

A listing of the Board of Trustees is also available.


Name and Email Address Title
P. Anthony Zeiss President
Richard Zollinger Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development
Michael Moss Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
Marcia Conston

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Kevin McCarthy

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

David Kim

Vice President for Information Technology and Research Services

Chief Information Officer

Tracie Clark

Executive Assistant to the President
Jeff Lowrance Public Information Officer and Assistant to the President
Terri Manning Associate Vice President, Institutional Research
Brenda Leonard Associate Vice President, Compliance and Audit
Paul Santos Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Mike Whiteman
Associate Vice President, Financial Services
Vicki Saville Associate Vice President, Facilities and Construction
Michael Horn Associate Vice President, Government Relations, Resource Development and Grants
Debbie Bouton Associate Vice President, Learning and Workforce Development
Ian Brice Associate Vice President, Administrative Services
Rita Dawkins Associate Vice President, Student Success Services
Quincy Foil White

Associate Vice President, Services Corporation, Resource Development

and Sponsorship

Vivian Hailey Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement
James Hillier
Associate Chief Information Officer
Maha Gingrich International Community Liaison and Assistant to the Vice President
Paul Koehnke Dean, Central Campus/ Culinary and Fine Arts
Tamara Williams Dean, Merancas Campus/Public Safety and Transport Technologies
Janet Malkemes Dean, Cato Campus/Professional Careers
Edith McElroy Dean, Levine Campus/Business, International and General Studies
Mary Vickers-Koch Dean, Harris Campus/Business and Industry Learning
Jay Potter Dean, Harper Campus/Applied Technologies and Construction Institute
Chris Paynter Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Karen Merriman Dean, Professional Development and eLearning
Gloria Kelley Dean, Libraries
Ruth Hedgpeth Dean, Health and Human Services, Early Childhood Education, and Cosmetology
Kathi McLendon Dean, College and Career Readiness
Mark Helms Dean, Student Life and Service Learning
Daniel McEachern Dean, Enrollment Management
Clint McElroy Dean, Retention Services
April Jones Dean, Enrollment Services
Amy Burkett General Manager, WTVI-PBS
Amy Bruining Assistant to the Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development
Lori Alexander Assistant to the Vice President for Learning and Workforce Development
Nichole Patterson Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
Tracy Pham
Vanessa Stolen
Executive Director, Institutional Advancement
Lori Thomas Executive Director, Project and Market Resources
Jeff Hill Executive Director, Business Office
Michael Hamrick Executive Director, Halton Theater
Elena Randolph Executive Director, Financial Services
Melissa Warlick Executive Director, Marketing Services
Kelly Natoli Executive Director, Employee Relations, Recruitment and Retention
Joanette Freeman Executive Director, Compensation and Benefits
Michelle Miller Executive Director, Corporate Learning and Economic Recruitment
Heather Parusel Executive Director, Grants Development and Performance
Kathy Rummage Executive Director, Communications
Laura Temples Executive Director, Administrative Information Services
Patrick Dugan Executive Director, Technology Infrastructure Services
Bo Hightower Executive Director, Facilities Management
Robert Patterson Executive Director, Health and Safety
Rose Mary Seymour Executive Director, Center for Sustainability
Renee Hode Executive Director, Small Business Center
Greg Long Executive Director, Construction
George Abraham Executive Director, Emerging Technology and Interoperability
Gary Ritter Executive Director, Learning Technology Services
Jill Lutz Executive Director, Skills Initiative
Vietta Durnin Executive Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Leon Matthews Executive Director, Institutional Equity
Charles Wright Interim Executive Director, Security